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CRIMEFIGHTER CF3000 2 Way LCD Pager Car Alarm System with Remote Start Weight: 4kg
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Product Description

Check out this new 2013 series, top of the range CrimeFighter Two way car alarm system. Sold complete with all accessories and fitting bits included. Ready to use upon installation. Brand new in box, sealed + 1 Year Australian's Business warranty.


  • LCD display, sound/vibration reminding alarming

  • 7 different zones protecting function

  • Shock sensor disable by remote

  • Timer engine start automatically by the temperature and time

  • Remote engine start for Petrolic & Diesel engine vehicles

  • Remote engine start by voltage mode or alternator mode

  • Dual power supply remote (in-built rechargeable battery/AAA battery)

  • 4-Auxiliary Channel output (programmable function)

  • Turbo Timer

  • Super long range monitoring: sending up to 1500 meters, responding up to 5000 meters

  • Anti-burglary mode enabled from pager

  • Protection mode enabling with working engine

  • Silent arm

  • Automatic rearm

  • Dual-step to unlock

  • Valet mode

  • Time display, timer, and alarm clock

  • Remote engine start and warming-up

  • Starter interrupt

Package Contents:

1.1 x Main Module

2.2 x LCD 2-Way Remote

3.1 x Operation / Installation Manual

4.1 x Shock Sensor

5.2 x Rechargeable Battery

6.1 x Antenna

7.1 x Siren

8.1 x Wire Harness ( 9 pins )

9.1 x Wire Harness (7 pins )

10.1 x Wire Harness (6 pins )

CRIMEFIGHTER CF3000 2 Way LCD Pager Car Alarm System with Remote Start